Libec TH-X: your new entry level tripod


Rather than a simple successor of the TH-650HD, the TH-X from Libec is an evolved tripod system on a whole new level, with a price you can not resist: $239.

Lightweight, rigid, and high quality are characteristics of the new TH-X, presented by Libec as your next Smart Tripod Companion for all your photo or video projects, including home videos, documentaries, corporate assignments, weddings & events, nature, sports and journalist newsgathering. With a payload of 4kg / 9.0lb and a weight of 3.1kg/6.9lb, the TH-X can accept anything from a DSLR to a professional video camera and is easy to carry around. It even comes with a newly designed user friendly tripod case with shoulder strap and front pockets.

Libec TH-X: your new entry level tripod

Libec says that with improved operability, stability, and rigidity of the TH-X makes this the best tripod system that the company has designed in this range. Two features that users might appreciate include the dual head structure and the snap on/off plate, which increase versatility and ease of use.

The dual head structure, which is lightweight, with 1kg/2.2lb including pan handle, makes it easy to use the head on multiple platforms, an essential aspect for many professional. This means the system, with its flat base/65mm bowl is compatible with 65mm bowl tripods/flat base tripods, monopods, sliders, skater dollies, and other equipment with 3/8 inch screws.

Libec TH-X: your new entry level tripod

The one touch attachment & quick release plate, compatible with Sachtler and Manfrotto heads (although not compatible with Libec ALLEX, RS, or other Libec heads), is another feature users appreciate to have on a tripod.

Newly designed tripod legs and leg locks with greater rigidity and payload capacity are also a characteristic of the TH-X, which is also 200g/.44lbs lighter than TH-650HD, formally the lightest tripod system in the Libec tripod system lineup. The tripod also offers two rosettes on the head, which allow additional Libec pan handles and AS-7K accessory support arm.

The Libec TH-X will be available mid-December, in limited quantities. So, if you want yours for Christmas, maybe you should order now! Follow the link to the tripod’s page for more details.

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