Digital Anarchy releases Samurai Sharpen for Video


Digital Anarchy Samurai Sharpen for Video is edge-aware sharpening software that uses a number of intelligent algorithms, as well as GPU acceleration to give users working with HD and 4K footage unprecedented image quality control.

While the need for sharpening video is important and widespread, the industry has been absent of new innovations. Samurai Sharpen has filled this void, giving video editors and colorists the ability to sharpen precisely the details they want and be highly selective of those areas they want untouched. This means areas like skin tones or dark, noisy background areas, which usually do not look better sharpened, can be protected and not sharpened. Samurai Sharpen’s intelligent algorithms gives users a great deal of control over the sharpening technique and where it’s applied.

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Samurai Sharpen for Video incorporates a variety of built-in masks, edge-aware algorithms, and unprecedented control over the sharpening technique, resulting in dramatically improved video footage. The built-in masks allow editors and colorists to apply specific focus on areas within the video for sharpening, while avoiding sharpening dark, shadow areas and bright, highlight areas.This allows for maintaining pristine image quality throughout the shot. The edge-aware algorithm provides another level of masking by restricting the sharpening to only the significant details you choose; for example, enhancing details of an actor’s eyes while preventing areas like skin from being affected.

Samurai Sharpen delivers additional features that allow precision control over how the sharpening affects the look of the footage. Editors can now control the overall strength of the effect, and can adjust the light and dark sharpening halos individually, providing the precise control needed to create effective, but subtle, sharpening.

Key features of Samurai Sharpen include:

  • Enhances Details with Modern, Edge-Aware Sharpening Algorithms
  • Built-In Masks to Protect Shadow/Highlight Areas
  • Precise, fine-tuning controls to adjust the look of the sharpening exactly
  • Supports Adobe After Effects/Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X immediately, with Avid and OpenFX coming soon

Samurai Sharpen runs in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro X. Support for additional platforms will be announced soon. Samurai Sharpen for Video is available immediately, and is regularly priced at $129.00. With today’s launch, Digital Anarchy is offering a special introductory price $99.00 until November 15, 2016.

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