Matthews WEDGE goes to IBC 2016

Matthews WEDGE goes to IBC 2016

Matthews Studio Equipment, known for their creative solutions when it comes to accessories for the film industry, will be present at IBC 2016 with multiple new products. One of them is… the Matthews WEDGE.

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The Matthews WEDGE is a portable, low POV camera-mounting device that ensures fast, stable camera positioning in a variety of situations, offering increased creative filming possibilities. A wide range of film, video or DSLR cameras can be mounted to The WEDGE via a ball head, flat plate mount, fluid head and 100mm ball fluid head, allowing full camera movement.

Three adjustable legs with floating/self-leveling feet ensure fast, stable positioning of The WEDGE mounted camera. Multiple tapped and untapped holes around the perimeter of The WEDGE allow for the addition of accessories or tie downs. The image below gives you one idea of the possibilities offered by the system.

Matthews WEDGE goes to IBC 2016

Manufactured from high-quality, 6061 T6 Aluminum and finished with flat black anodize, The WEDGE opens up new vistas and visions of creative possibilities… fullfilling Matthews Studio Equipment promise of delivering “innovative state of the art Technology That Complements Your Imagination” for the entertainment industry.

The Matthews WEDGE has a price of $ 245.00. Matthews Studio will be exhibiting the Matthews WEDGE at IBC 2016, Building 12 – G71. If you’re going to Amsterdam, visit the space, to discover this and more products.

Sachtler FSB 10: entry-level fluid head

Sachtler FSB 10 : entry-level fluid head

The new Sachtler FSB 10 builds upon the legacy of the lightweight yet robust FSB Series to offer a premium solution for on-the-go camera operators working in news, documentaries, wildlife, and more. The new tripod will debut at IBC 2016.

The short video with sports photographer and cinematographer Tom Day gives you an idea of how well the new tripod works in real world conditions. Tom Day, one of the most renowned filmmakers in the skiing world, famously snapped a picture of his FSB 8 system frozen while on location in the Alps yet still fully operational. Day, the principle cinematographer for Warren Miller Entertainment since 2000 and an avid user of the Sachtler brand, was one of the first to experience the FSB 10 and tested it in extreme, on-location environments.

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“If the FSB system can perform in these extreme locations, then it won’t let you down on your day to day shoot,” explained Day. “The 100 mm version of the FSB 10 allows you to level the tripod so much quicker than a 75 mm. This allows you to set-up fast, shoot on the fly or uneven ground, and ultimately get your shot. He added, “it’s surprisingly lightweight, which is great for someone like me who is always on-location and needs to be mobile. With a bigger head and stick socket, the FSB 10’s legs can be planted even wider. The stability allows me avoid any unnecessary movement and get great shots. Ultimately, it comes down to smooth, reliable movement and Sachtler makes the best fluid heads in the industry.”

Sachtler FSB 10 : entry-level fluid headSachtler’s FSB line of fluid heads has a reputation for being resilient and long-lasting. Director of Photography Alessandro Beltrame used his FSB 6 system for The Antarctica Project in the South Pole, where temperatures often dipped below -40 degrees Celsius. “Transport over icy, snowy, and rocky terrain is very difficult; that’s why the equipment has to be extremely robust yet very lightweight at the same time. The less weight, the better,” said Beltrame when explaining the challenges of filming at the South Pole. “On top of that, the quality of pan and tilt movements is a basic requirement. It doesn’t matter how well you prepare; you never know how much leeway you’ll actually have in those extreme conditions. That’s exactly why you need the best possible camera support.”

The FSB 10 expands on this tradition. It is everything camera operators have come to expect from the Sachtler brand including rugged durability, a camera support that will last over a decade and buttery smooth panning and tilting movements for consistently high-quality content. With a higher payload than the 75 mm FSB 8, the FSB 10 can handle up to 12 kg (26.5 lbs) and allows users to employ a wider range of system configurations. The head comes in two versions with different camera platforms including the FSB 10 with convenient sideload mechanism with long sliding range for front/back adjustment of the camera or FSB 10 T with Touch & Go plate for very fast camera attachment.

Debuting this year at IBC, booth 12.E65, the FSB 10 boasts five positions + 0 for pan and tilt drag, giving operators better flexibility and speed no matter their project or location. For even more convenience, it also offers ten steps of counterbalance, compared to other products in the same market that only provide four.

“The FSB 10 is the perfect accessory for today’s modern camera operator on the go. It is ergonomically designed with our customers in mind and perfectly supports today’s digital cinema-style cameras, including the Sony FS7 and Canon C300. We are very proud to offer solid German engineering at a very affordable price,” commented Tobias Keuthen, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Sachtler.

YI Erida: new 4K drone taking off soon

YI Erida: new 4K drone taking off soon

The YI Erida drone will be unveiled at InterDrone, the International Drone Conference and Exhibition, in Las Vegas, September 7-9, 2016. Pricing, availability and final drone and application features will be announced later this year.

Another company enters the drone competition. YI Technology, international provider of advanced, intelligent imaging technologies, products, services and platforms, announced the forthcoming release of YI Erida, the world’s first mainstream, full carbon smart professional-grade drone which is, according to the company, exceptionally fast and agile, reaching speeds of 75 miles per hour in initial tests, and features proven imaging and vision technology in an aerodynamic, three-rotor design.

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“With the launch of YI Erida we are solving three of the biggest barriers to widespread drone adoption: overly complex products, lack of consumer accessibility and short flight time,” said Sean Da, Co-Founder & CEO of YI Technology. “Like all YI products, YI Erida features the most advanced technology in a simple and intuitive operating system at a competitive price point. Our drone is the culmination of decades of expertise and experience in imaging and aeronautics with a focus on producing a drone that addresses the shortcomings of current market leaders, to exceed the industry standard.”

YI Erida: new 4K drone taking off soon

Because of its highly durable and lightweight, 100 percent carbon fiber frame and its unique three-rotor design, YI Erida is exceptionally fast and agile, reaching speeds of up to 75 miles per hour and flying for up to 40 minutes in initial tests. The YI Erida features patented, folding rotors offering a compact design that makes it versatile, portable and easy to carry, whether in the backyard or around the world.

YI Erida features intelligent, modern software and sensors, to make maneuvering smarter, simpler and safer. The corresponding YI Erida mobile app draws on YI’s proven track record in simple, user-friendly mobile solutions, making a remote obsolete. From the app on any mobile device, users can set the flight mode, choose the height and shooting angle, control takeoff and landing, and check battery status, distance and flight time. For maximum safety, YI Erida boasts an advanced sensor and radar system with a built-in laser scanner to examine its surroundings, and automatically increase flying height if the ground begins to elevate.

YI Erida: new 4K drone taking off soon

YI Erida features the YI 4K Action Camera, which is “the only action camera on the market today that combines 4K video recording at 30 fps, with up to 120 minutes of recording time and an integrated, high-resolution touchscreen. It also offers manual IQ parameters for advanced photographers including shutter, exposure value compensation, level sensitivity, metering mode and white balance. For the smoothest shooting possible, YI Erida offers an advanced gimbal system, which is essential for producing professional-quality footage. YI Erida’s gimbal works seamlessly with the drone, camera and mobile app.

To bring the YI Erida to market, YI is working with Atlas, a team of aerospace engineers and software developers who first caught the attention of market leaders through an Indiegogo campaign in 2015. The two companies bring together civilian- and military-grade aeronautics materials and research with world-class imaging technology in the newest, industry-leading drone.

New Sony 50mm Macro for E-mount

New Sony 50mm macro for E-mount

Although the usual Macro lenses focal length many look at is around the 100mm mark, there are times when a smaller, portable, 50mm does wonders for a photographer’s or videographer’s that has to carry all gear around. The 71mm long with a weight of 236 g does exactly that.

Ideal for everyday photography, this versatile 50mm macro lens features a F2.8 maximum aperture that offers outstanding image quality and bokeh, while its 1:1 macro capability allows the photographer to get sharp close-up shots of their subject. Additionally, its comprehensive range of controls including focus-mode switch, focus-range limiter and the focus-hold button ensures a quality macro shooting experience for a wide range of users.

The information from Sony fits within my own experience, although with a different lens and a different sensor size. Although I own two macro lenses on the 100mm range, I’ve a 60mm f/2.8 EF-S macro lens from Canon, to use with APS-C bodies, because sometimes I like the small dimensions and lightweight it offers when compared to the regular 100mm macro. I use the 60mm macro both for photography and video.

New Sony 50mm macro for E-mount

Sony’s FE 50mm F2.8 Macro is also usable with their APS-C bodies, meaning it offers a field of view similar to a 70mm, making the lens also ideal for portrait and scenery, besides macro shots. With a 0.16m minimum focusing distance, the lens also offers, adds Sony, “a wider frame for capturing more background, compared to longer focal-length macro lenses”. It’s an interesting take on one aspect that many times is presented as a problem: the change in terms of depth of field.

Weighing just 236g, the lens is extremely lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry around and is built to be used in different weather conditions, although not guaranteed to be 100% dust and moisture resistant.

The new FE 50mm F2.8 Macro lens features ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass to effectively compensate for axial chromatic aberration at close focus, allowing it to create consistently sharp and high quality images. The circular aperture design produces beautiful bokeh effects and the optical and mechanical construction of the lens has less flare and ghosting even without a lens hood.

The FE 50mm F2.8 Macro (reference SEL50M28) will be available in October priced at approximately $500.

New from Magix: Movie Edit Pro

New from Magix: Movie Edit Pro

Movie Edit Pro, Magix’s most successful video editing suite, has a brand new version available, with full 360? editing capabilities and automatic shot match, but also with high-quality video effects and plug-ins.

Movie Edit Pro stands out from the crowd, says Magix, “with its combination of versatile functions and lots of elbow room to let your creativity loose.” The program’s intuitive operation offers optimal performance workflows, coupled to an impressive range of creative content and professional features.

Automatic optimizations help users starting out in video editing, while advanced users are able to perfect and finalize projects with more complex tools. You can edit material on up to 99 tracks with integrated proDADMercalli V2 technology and proxy video editing. Additionally, it is now possible to integrate plug-ins via the OpenFX interface and upload finished movies directly to Vimeo or other providers.

New from Magix: Movie Edit Pro

Movie Edit Pro Plus shines with full 360? support, the new shot match and additional effects. With Movie Edit Pro, you can import and edit your 360? recordings in detail from any perspective. Add titles, effects and photos to 360? videos, and then share them straight out of the program on YouTube. Using Shot Match, you can combine material with different color and tonal values, normalizing scenes to each other with just one click. Last but not least, the new Movie Edit Pro stands apart thanks to its top-notch new effects for creating unique videos:

Lens reflection: Create lens light spots
Gaussian blur: Regulate focus just how you want it
Mask generator: Create custom masks for effects
Punch forms: Focus on what’s important
Glow: Set highlights using illumination

With Movie Edit Pro Premium, you also get two high-end plug-ins. For the first time ever, you will get the brand new version of the most successful travel route animation of all times included with Movie Edit Pro. MotionStudios Vasco da Gama 9 Essential animates your travel routes and brings them to life in high-res 3D mode. The brand new NewBlue Titler Pro Express will impress beginners and advanced users alike with 2D and 3D title effects ready for the big screen. The drag & drop functionality for intuitive workflows especially comes to shine here.

New from Magix: Movie Edit Pro

Although Movie Edit Pro is Magix most popular video editor, the company has still a secret to share with the public. Magix acquired this year a majority of the Sony Creative Software (SCS) products, including the full Vegas Pro, Movie Studio, Sound Forge Pro, and ACID Pro product lines, as part of the company’s strategy of further cementing its position in the market and accelerating its international growth. Magix plans to to release new versions of the video-editing programs Vegas Pro and Movie Studio, which are heavily oriented toward the customer requirements of today, says Magix CEO Klaus Schmidt.
While there are no news of the Magix versions of the ex-Sony software, Movie Edit Pro will continue to be the NLE of choice for Magix’s customers. The program is available in the following versions:

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro for $59.99
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus for $99.99
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium for $129.99
There is a trial version of Magix Movie Edit Pro to find more about the program. Follow the link to download it.

ColorFast 2 : color grading made simple

ColorFast 2 : color grading made simple

Recently released, NewBlue’s ColorFast 2 is an integrated plugin that streamlines both color correction and color grading in one simple workflow. With a variety of features geared for speed and efficiency, you can quickly fix exposure problems and create the look you want across your entire production.

The search for a color correction and grading solution never ends, and new products always attract the attention of people in the industry. While there is no “one size fits all” in this area, as there isn’t also in the other creative areas, something that should probably be accepted as a blessing, there is always some excitement when a new product, like ColorFast 2, arrives.

ColorFast 2, part of NewBlueFX line, is all about getting the most out of your footage. It features over 40 new preset looks, expanded controls over exposure, brightness and more, plus new skin and shape mask blending options, region scopes, as well as the new White Tweak, Hue and Output Correction controls. It’s the precise control you’ve always needed in a familiar interface.

[embedded content]

ColorFast 2 is intuitive, versatile, and easy to set use. It works seamlessly as a Mac and PC native plugin across the industry’s best non-linear editors, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Sony Vegas Pro, and Grass Valley EDIUS.

Color correction without the complexity is something that you’ll hear the people responsible for ColorFast 2 mention multiple times. According to NewBlue, ColorFast 2 includes a range of features and controls designed specifically to bring out the full potential of an editor’s footage. It integrates both color correction and color grading in one simple workflow, allowing editors to perform primary and secondary color correction while protecting skin tones, isolating specific regions, and monitoring color levels every step of the way.

“I am thrilled to announce ColorFast 2, our most powerful and cohesive color correction plugin yet” explains Todor Fay, CEO of NewBlue. “ColorFast 2 offers several new features that come together to represent a cost-effective yet compelling solution for color correction and color grading.”

ColorFast 2 : color grading made simple

New Features of ColorFast 2 include: 40+ New Presets Looks?Use one of the more than 60 included presets for quick and professional movie looks ranging from old school classics to modern stylized film. Pick a look and use it as a starting point or create your own and save it for future projects.

  • Push the Limits
    Quickly correct color balance in your image with ColorFast’s powerful white balance algorithm. Push your correction further with the new White Tweak controls to add a tinge of warm or coolness to fine tune your footage.
  • Monitoring with Scopes
    Use the included Region scopes and select from Vector, RGP Parade, Waveform or histogram scopes to inspect your color levels in full time. Monitor the whole image or select a specific region for precise level readings.
  • Another Layer of Correction
    Apply a color mask to easily shield skin tones and specific colors from secondary corrections or apply a shape mask to isolate areas. New blend controls allow you to control the opacity of your masks to get the perfect balance.

Top Features of ColorFast 2 include:

  • Powerful Color Balance
    Quickly correct color balance your image with ColorFast’s powerful white balance algorithm. Just select the whitest part of your image with the dropper tool. It’s that easy.
  • Protect Skin Tones and Isolate Colors
    Apply a color mask to easily shield skin tones from your secondary color corrections. Then focus on a color range to enhance your image.
  • Secondary Color Correction Made Easy
    ColorFast’s secondary color correction controls allow you to quickly view your image’s highlights, midtones and shadows with control for precise grading.

ColorFast 2 is now available for $99 ($89 during special introductory offer period). Existing ColorFast 2 users can upgrade for $49 USD. Although NewBlue has demo versions of some of its software there is none of the ColorFast 2 available on its website.

Band Pro promises surprises at IBC 2016

Band Pro promises surprises at IBC 2016

New 4K demo footage shot exclusively with Raptor primes will be screened at the booth occupied by Band Pro Munich GMBH (German subsidiary of Band Pro Film & Digital, Inc.). to showcase the signature look and versatility of this macro-to-infinity lens series.

IB/E Optics believes that the future is in large format sensors, of which early examples include RED Weapon 6K and 8K, Sony A7 or ARRI’s new ALEXA65. Larger sensors deliver the film-look and an interesting bokeh due to their very shallow depth of field. These new cameras require lenses that can cover the larger sensor sizes. That’s where the Raptor lens family enters, offering a new macro family consisting of 3 focal lengths 100 mm, 150 mm and 180 mm initially, available this Summer and present at IBC.

The serial production Raptor prime lenses will be complemented with a complete array of IB/E Expanders, Extenders, and lens converters, allowing cinematographers to utilize their existing glass over the widest possible range of cameras and sensor sizes. The Raptor lenses are not the only product on show, though. As always, Band Pro will feature the latest focal lengths from award winning Leica Summilux-C and Leica Summicron-C lenses available from CW Sonderoptic.

Band Pro has announced they will feature major lens innovations at this year’s IBC show and,additionally, a “major announcement” should be expected at this year’s show. Band Pro President and CEO, Amnon Band remarked: “We’re in a time of transition, with cameras and camera sensors changing fast. You want to capture in 6K, 8K, more K? Sure, no problem. What you really need now is high quality glass that’s future-proof and ready to work with the cameras that are coming. Visit us at IBC this year, and you’ll see some very interesting steps in that direction.”

Band Pro is exclusive distributor and reseller for most IB/E OPTICS cine products.

SLR Magic Introduces Image Enhancer Pro Filter

SLR Magic introduces the Image Enhancer Pro (IE Pro). The filter is to help increase clarity of image and fix color shifting from light contamination beyond the visible spectrum. What makes the IE Pro different from other filters is the IE Pro optimizes the light spectrum from 200nm to 1,200nm to ensure the image captured on your camera look as natural to the human eye as possible.


As many of you may already know, many digital cameras can be susceptible to infrared light contamination. This contamination leads to a color cast usually found in the blacks, especially in dark color fabrics, and can turn this neutral color into a reddish or burgundy color. Trust me when I say this IR pollution is damn near impossible to color grade out.

Usually, IR filters are used to address color shift and infrared contamination and hot mirror filters rates at 680nm, 700nm, or 750nm usually help produced blacker blacks but can create strange skin tone. Sometimes an IR filter can be too strong and can produce a green of red shift. If handing off footage this can type of color cast can be a little off-putting for the client.

What the Image Enhancer Pro (IE Pro) is designed to do it give you the cleanest image possible. No color casts caused by the filter and no IR light pollution. Plus, SLR Magic has put 50 layers of multi-coating into the IE Pro to reduce reflections, flare, attenuate UV and Infrared light to help you capture the most accurate color with cleaner blacks and true skin tones. The Image Enhancer Pro will be available October 2016.

The big question for SLR Magic and the Image Enhancer Pro will be how well this new filter will stack up against Formatt Filter’s Firecrest filters and other leading filter manufacturers’ IR filtration? Two things SLR Magic needs for the Image Enhancer Pro to be a hit: 1. it needs to provide clean images like Firecrest filters. 2. It needs to be cheaper. Let’s hope they succeed on both accounts. The Image Enhancer Pro will be available October 2016.


SmallHD: new firmware for Production Monitors

SmallHD: new firmware for Production Monitors

Bugs fixed, improvements to existing features and some new features are included in the firmware version 1.0 from SmallHD for their Production Monitors. Check the videos to find out more and continue to explore the firmware on SmallHD’s website.

The videos published by SmallHD show Wes and Dale (aka “bearded Vanna White”) outline all the updates that come with firmware 1.0. A lot of things change with this new software. The features added are an Enhanced Input Menu, HDR Preview Setting (HDR Models Only), New “Appearance” menu, Added Backlight Settings, USB Support Added, Crop Tool Added, Image Flip Added, Multi View Page Enhancement, Enhanced Focus Tools, while the Image Scale tool name has changed to Image Location.

[embedded content]

Some of these features expand into multiple options that have to be explored by users of the SmallHD Production Monitors for a complete understanding of the possibilities they open when it comes to the use of the different monitors in the series. For example, on the Enhanced Input Menu it is now possible to configure each input type (HDMI, SDI1, SDI2) to support different incoming gamma formats.

[embedded content]

The list of improvements includes, among other things, SD-SDI support or the availability of audio meters in multiview; in Page-View, the small tool icons are now rendered green if the tool is active, a message “Please Wait” now displays while monitor is performing long actions, or speakers now being muted when headphones are connected. The list if improvements continues, and can be explored on SmallHD’s website, but these give you an idea of how a firmware update can change the way things work.

[embedded content]

Bugs fixed include audiometers, that now work when using a SDI signal, the removal of the audio POP that occurred when switching inputs (and that was not very POPular with people using the monitors…) and the support for the Sony FS700 on SDI.

To find more about the firmware and download it, visit SmallHD’s website.

SuperMeet highlighted by the making of “Pure McCartney VR” and “Giant”


The stage show agenda has now been set for the Ninth Annual Amsterdam SuperMeet, to take place during IBC2016 on Sunday, 11 September at the Hotel Krasnapolsky in the heart of Amsterdam, NL. The SuperMeet agenda will feature presentations on 360? VR filmmaking, including the making of “Pure McCartney VR,” a series of VR documentary shorts, directed by Tony Kaye featuring Sir Paul McCartney. Tickets to the the Amsterdam SuperMeet can be purchased at the SuperMeet website. Doors open at 16:30 and SuperMeet stage show begins at 19:00.

Scheduled to appear on stage will be editor and creative director Duncan Shepherd. Duncan will provide some unique insight into the creative process of editing and compositing stereoscopic 360 video for music videos and short-form documentaries, bringing together many different elements from various sources to create unique and compelling VR video experiences. Duncan will focus his presentation on the six part “Pure McCartney VR,” a series of documentary shorts he edited. Directed by noted music video director Tony Kaye (best known for directing AMERICAN HISTORY X) “Pure McCartney VR,” take us into the studio to film Sir Paul McCartney sharing stories behind some of his most famous songs. The shorts were edited using Apple Final Cut Pro X and produced in association with Jaunt VR.

HP and NVIDIA will present the VR experience “Giant.” Inspired by real events, this immersive virtual-reality experience, which mixes both game engine and live-action video, transports the viewer into the family’s makeshift basement shelter. Giant had its world premiere at 2016 Sundance Film Festival New Frontier, and its European premiere at Cannes Film Festival where it garnered strong emotional responses from both the general public and the press. Filmmakers and the creators of Giant, Milica Zec and Winslow Porter, will present.

Longtime SuperMeet sponsor Blackmagic Design will present the making of “PLAYNG WITH FIRE.” Cinematographer Klaus B. Pedersen will be the presenter and give us an exclusive preview of his documentary short featuring Katalin Konya, the three-time world amateur champion in kickboxing. Bearing all the hallmarks of a challenging shoot, not only will Klaus tell us why he chose to shoot with the Blackmagic Design URSA Mini, but how and why he used DaVinci Resolve to craft his creative vision.

Adobe’s Bronwyn Lewis will take the SuperMeet stage for the very first time. Bronwyn will show how Adobe Creative Cloud empowers you to create visually stunning videos faster with industry-leading video and audio apps, including Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition and Media Encoder. Bronwyn will demonstrate the latest innovations in Premiere Pro CC.

In a special presentation, Lumaforge’s Sam Mestman will be demonstrating the ShareStation, a “new normal” for collaboration for post production professionals.

Fayteq, the highly acclaimed pioneer of real-time video modification will have free lance editor Adam Garstone show off fayIN, a motion tracking and compositing plug-in that is simple enough to be used in the edit, but powerful enough for finished graphics.

Doors will open at 16:30 for the SuperMeet Digital Showcase featuring 18 software and hardware developers including Adobe, Blackmagic Design, HP/NVIDIA, Lumaforge, Fayteq, Symply, Audio Network, Avid, B&H, BorisFX, Dashwood Cinema Solutions, The Future Store, Intelligent Assistance, Imagineer Systems, Lumberjack, KeyFlow Pro, Mettle, OWC, and ShareStation. Here, attendees can enjoy a few cocktails, mingle and party with industry peers, network one on one with leading manufacturers and learn about the latest trends in collaborative editing workflows for post production and broadcast markets.

Rounding out the evening will be the always wild “World Famous Raffle,” where currently over EUR62,000 Euros worth of valuable software and hardware, including a Lumaforge ShareStation Jellyfish HD 24TB, UltraStudio 4K Extreme and Atomos Ninja Flame will be handed out to dozens of lucky winners. In addition there will be a FREE bonus door raffle sponsored by HP/NVIDIA. The first 300 people through the doors before 18:00, (whichever comes first) will be eligible to win a fully loaded HP ZBook 15 workstation.

Tickets are only 15.00 Euros each (includes 2 raffle tickets) for General Admission and 7.00 Euros for students and Teachers and are on sale online only. It will be 20.00 Euros each at the door assuming any tickets are left as historically every SuperMeet sells out. Food (appetizers) and cash bars will be available throughout the evening. To purchase tickets and for complete details on the SuperMeet including updated agenda, a current list of raffle prizes and directions to the Hotel Krasnapolsky, go to the SuperMeet web site.

PVC readers can save EUR5,00 off General Admission price by using this link to purchase tickets:


Creative Pro User Group (CPUG) Network SuperMeets are social gatherings of Adobe, Avid, DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro/FCP X editors, gurus, digital filmmakers and content creators from throughout the world who use or want to learn to use Macintosh-based workflows. SuperMeets started as a grassroots movement to connect Apple FCP Editors at a local level. Now in its fifteenth year, the producers behind the SuperMeets have harnessed the energy of local chapters globally and turned SuperMeets into the industry’s most influential user-organized series of global events. The SuperMeet agenda usually includes user-driven demos of new products, digital video tips and tricks, and filmmaker show and tells, including a SuperMeet Digital Showcase with vendors and small developers providing workflow solutions for digital filmmakers and content creators. All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners. Website: