SmallHD vs Sony vs Panasonic

SmallHD vs Sony vs Panasonic

SmallHD may have convinced a lot of people about the build quality of their monitors, when, recently, they put their new HDR production monitors through a harsh beating test. But now the test is different: can the 1703 HDR beat the Panasonic BTLH1700HD and the Sony PVM-A170?

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The first real-world test of the SmalHD new HDR production monitors had not much to do with production itself. Their torture test, which is shown in a 2.30 minutes video at the end of this page, put the monitors against baseball bats, off-road vehicles, .40 caliber handguns and more. Why? Because, as Wes Phillips, SmallHD co-founder, “downtime can be a very expensive side-effect of a monitor built without durability in mind, so we took it upon ourselves to prove that these are the toughest monitors on the market.”

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The test demonstrated, continues Wes Phillips, that “these are unbelievably rugged production monitors, and the same level of build quality is demonstrated in every model.” Now, SmallHD set up another real world test, one where the 1703 HDR faces industry standard monitors such as the Panasonic BTLH1700HD and the Sony PVM-A170.

The video has a goal: show that the 1703 HDR solves real, on set problems. Take your time to watch it and form your own opinion. Then go and read the whole article “How does the SmallHD 1703 HDR compare to the Panasonic and Sony 17-inch production monitors?”

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  1. I own 3 different small hd monitors and they all fail on durability compare to one TVlogic who last longer than the 3 together. I will never buy any of their product.

    Select buttons which do not work, screen getting green lines, brand new untested faulty monitor and two dead back-lights. Yes, the frame is strong, but the gear around will not last as long as planned. I send even one for repair and the exact same trouble stat again one year after. It’s now in a shelve, I can’t use it, 100% loss.

    Watching a video from smallHD saying they are the best is not a right way to convince client. Real life experience from production user will show quite different output.

    Got plenty of good feedback from their team to try to solve their product but they all break down at one point after repair. It’s not reliable for production, period. I finally sold my last working unit to a friend, and he contacted me 6 month later to tell me the screen went black in a middle of a shooting.

    Lifespan of SmallHD product is about 2 years, the frame itself may be 10 years…

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