A digest of last week’s photo and video news – Week 18


A digest of last week’s news is a selection of some of the news from week 17 from 2016 related to the worlds of photography and video, covering multiple topics, always rounded up with a reading suggestion.


Leica digital without LCD

The new Leica M-D (Typ 262) is the first digital camera from Leica without a monitor screen. On the place where LCDs are usually present these days, you’ll find the ISO sensitivity dial on the M-D (Typ 262). Leica says that removing the monitor promotes concentration on what is essential: the picture. The camera, which is based on Leica M (Typ 262) – which has a LCD – may not give you the chance to see your pictures right away, but still has all the parameters essential for photography – shutter speed, aperture, distance and ISO sensitivity. No video, though, as video usually requires a monitor.


Phottix Cerberus has three heads

The new Phottix Cerberus Multi Mount is, says the company, your all-in-one mounting solution for hot shoe flashes. Use your hot shoe flashes with Bowens-compatible accessories, Elinchrom-compatible accessories, and the Phottix Transfolder Softbox range. There is a good reason why Phottix called the system Cerberus: it has three heads, like the mythical Cerberus. The standard round mount works with the range of Phottix Transfolder Softboxes. Add the Bowen-compatible mount – and traditional S-Mount compatible accessories can be used with your hot shoe flash. Swap that out for the Elinchrom-compatible mount and use Elinchrom’s vast array of accessories with your hot shoe flash.


Hacked Sony records longer

All Sony cameras supporting the PlayMemories Camera Apps, including the a7R and a7S I and II, the a6300, the RX10 II can go beyond the 29 minutes 59 seconds video recording limit through a hack created by a Sony Alpha user named “malco”. The hack also allows to unlock the language selection menu. The time limit, though, is not an arbitrary number as some think or a Sony decision. It was/is in place to abide by legislation in Europe, where any camera recording above the said limit is taxed higher… as a video recorder.


Powershot G9 X gets Red Dot Award

The Powershot G9 X camera from Canon, a compact model with a lightweight design, 28-84 mm (35 mm film equivalent) 3x optical zoom lens and a 1.0 inch image sensor, won the Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2016. This premium compact camera, featuring a touch-panel LCD and a control ring for intuitive operability that makes possible the effortless capture of high-quality images and video, was honoured for its design excellence. The internationally recognized “Red Dot” is organized by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein, a design institution based in Essen, Germany.


From Studio to Architecture

Rocky Nook’s reading suggestions for the week are two: the hardcover version of Masterclass: Professional Studio Photography, which you can have for $20 (that’s $39.95 off) using the coupon MASTERCLASS and the eBook Architectural Photography, now on third edition, which has a price of $9.99 (save $26) if you use the coupon ARCHITECT. Both deals run until May 8.

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